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Brand Awareress

Promote your brand and your products.

SEO Strategy

Get SEO results that boost your business.

Link building

Give meaning to your link acquisition for real results.

Digital PR

Get press exposure with intelligent content around your brand.

Lead Generation

Boost your business performance with more qualified leads

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We create meaningful partnerships

Build relations with over 2M medias over the world.

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πŸ‘‰ Dominate search results with our SEO coaching. Following a preliminary audit to better understand your context, we'll give you concrete ways to boost your visibility on search engines:

  • ON SITE optimization suggestions
  • Content strategy management
  • Link building strategy management
  • Competitive and market intelligence
  • Reporting of KPI

πŸ‘‰ Take your link-building strategy to the next level. Our team fights to obtain the best conditions for your backlinks, and ensures that every link is a lasting asset for your SEO.

  • Get the best link-building opportunities
  • Get a dedicated outreach whatever your country or niche
  • We build a catalog for your needs over the months
  • Request site evaluations
  • Ask for price negotiations on websites
  • Request insertions in existing articles
  • Your links are followed and maintained

πŸ‘‰ Get the word out with our digital PR campaigns.
We create rich, creative content that attracts media attention, putting your brand in the spotlight.

  • Analysis of your audience and target media
  • Get creative and rich content for your website
  • Each content is pitched to targeted journalists
  • From 10 to over 100 articles per campaign
  • Obtain naturel dofollow and nofollow links

πŸ‘‰ Boost your sales performance. We capture your audience's attention with precise ad placements and targeted campaigns, ensuring a steady stream of qualified leads.

  • Get the best placements opportunities thanks to our analysis (SEO x audience x growth)
  • Get surgically positioned ads
  • Ask for price negotiations on websites
  • Get a dedicated outreach whatever your country or niche
  • Request insertions in existing articles

πŸ‘‰ Make your brand shine. We analyze your audience, negotiate powerful partnerships and uncover the best opportunities to make your brand a household name in your sector.

  • Analysis of your audience, targeted media and influencers
  • Negotiation of your partnerships
  • Selection of the best opportunities to meet your objectives
  • Extend your campaigns to any channels : Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter..

Who are you STIV ?

STIV Media is a digital marketing company with a team of talentedΒ media, SEO, growth and content specialists.

Based in France since 2019, we have built strong strategies for our clients and operated on 5 continents to help our customers meet their global growth needs.

Our ingredients: Anticipation, creativity and realism

Our vision is that brands must extend their digital campaigns to conquer the market in terms of visibility and presence on search engines. With current and future developments in search engines, the perception of online advertising and artificial intelligence, brands need to create a coherent mesh of content around their universe.

It’s this holistic approach that will enable them to perform well in search results, build brand awareness and ultimately acquire more customers.

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at 15 rue de la presse,
42000 Saint Etienne, France.

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