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Editors - Sponsored Post

If you have any questions about sponsored articles, here are some answers.

A sponsored post, is as its name suggests an article published on a media where the publisher has received a fee by a brand.

This can take different forms:

  • the content can be written directly by the brand and purposed to the editor
  • the editor can write the content and only include a mention, paragraph or only a link defined by the brand

In both case, content can be promotional mostly for visibility or community campaigns, or neutral for SEO campaigns. Neutral means that the article can be about anything as long as it fits the publisher and the brand.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Sponsored post are totally allowed in most of countries, there are just another advertising chanel used by marketing and SEO.

It is simply necessary to respect the legislation of your country concerning the mentions to be brought according to the type of published contents and the thematic.

Valid invoices are mandatory, but in case you can't create one because you are not a company, we can provide you a mandate to fill in which allow us to generate invoice for you. It's called "auto-facturation" in French legislation.

We can offer different types of content :

  • non-promotional content (with any relevant topics for you and our client, only one paragraph related to our client)
  • brand/product promotional content

In both case we will produce content that fit with your requirements.

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